Air Borne

Last February 24, my family and I went to another spontaneous (well, sort of :P) trip to Clark, Pampanga to catch the last day of the 18th Hot Air Balloon Festival. We only planned on going there two days prior and we were somehow unprepared. Haha! It was our first time so yeah 😛

We left Manila at 3am since the opening ceremony was gonna start at 5:30. We were near the venue by 5am and we thought that we were just on time for the opening ceremony — only to find out that we were very wrong since the traffic was looooong! Finding a good parking spot too was hard since the allotted spaces were filled. We got to park our car about one and half kilometer away from the venue.

Half way to the venue on foot haha

Half way to the venue on foot haha

Good thing we were able to see the hot air balloons as they took off 🙂

030913_clark1030913_clark3 030913_clark2

030913_clark16 030913_clark15 030913_clark14 030913_clark13 030913_clark12 030913_clark11 030913_clark10 030913_clark9 030913_clark8 030913_clark7 030913_clark6 030913_clark5


It was a good day to fly kites as it was really windy 🙂

We watched the hot air balloons outside the venue grounds but went in as soon as the balloons were gone from our sight. There were A LOT of people inside the venue — some had tents set up! (I learned from an officemate later on that people really arrive in the venue the night before to get a good parking space and a spot to view the day’s events.) Anyway, we were able to get a good spot too inside the venue (we were just under scorching heat!! Summer really is close.) and we saw the spectacular, breath taking performance of the Breitling Jet Team in their aerobatic exhibition.


030913_clark24 030913_clark23 030913_clark22 030913_clark21 030913_clark20 030913_clark19 030913_clark18


Here’s a snippet of their performance:

We left the festival’s grounds at around 11am happy but not yet ready to head back to Manila 😛 The second half of our family trip will be in another post 🙂

Photos were taken by my brother 🙂


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