Visita Iglesia

Last Thursday, my family and I went to Bulacan (a province in the Philippines) to go to several churches. It’s called Visita Iglesia (thus the title hehehe). It’s a tradition many Catholics still observe to this day. It is done every Maundy Thurday wherein people will visit seven churches and pray the Stations of the Cross; two stations per church. Some opt to go to 14 churches, praying a station in each church.

Some of the church markers are in Filipino. Unfortunately, I can’t translate them perfectly as some are deep words >_< hehe! Sorry. Um, usually the markers just states when the church was founded, who inaugurated it, etc.

Our family visited only seven churches due to time constraint. We went to the church/es of six different towns. Our first stop was Sta. Monica Parish in Angat, Bulacan.

033013_visita_18 033013_visita_17

The church’s ceiling had beautiful paintings! And each of their pews have detailed carvings.

033013_visita_16 033013_visita_13 033013_visita_12 033013_visita_11 033013_visita_14 033013_visita_15

By the way, we passed by Angat river on our way to Sta. Monica Parish 🙂


The second church was San Agustin Church in  the town of Baliuag. I think this church is right in the town’s center which makes it easy to spot 🙂

033013_visita_23 033013_visita_24 033013_visita_21 033013_visita_22

In Plaridel, we went to St. James the Apostle Church. Too bad the church was closed.. So we just prayed in their adoration chapel and went around the church grounds 🙂

033013_visita_37 033013_visita_31 033013_visita_32 033013_visita_33 033013_visita_34 033013_visita_35 033013_visita_36

After quite a long drive, we reached Malolos, Bulacan and visited two churches there. The first is Barasoain Church or Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish. This church is important to the country’s history as it was here that the first Philippine Constitution was passed. This is the same church were the first Philippine president, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo took his oath of office.

033013_visita_46 033013_visita_41 033013_visita_42 033013_visita_43 033013_visita_44


The church’s intricately carved doors.


The other church we went to in Malolos is Immaculate Concepcion Parish. According to the church’s marker this also held a spot in the Philippine’s history.

033013_visita_53 033013_visita_51 033013_visita_52

For our sixth church, we visited San Ildefonso Church in Guiguinto, Bulacan. This is quite a small church but has nice interiors and altar. What I also liked is that it is beside a river. Well, maybe I liked that part because I rarely see a clean river in Metro Manila. Err :\

033013_visita_62 033013_visita_63033013_visita_64

The seventh and last church we went to was Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion Church in Bulakan, Bulacan. This is a pretty big church. The photo of the church’s hall below is only about half the actual length. The main doors of this church also have very intricate carvings.

033013_visita_72 033013_visita_71

We surely had an exhausting day (woke up early, experienced an intense summer heat) but we didn’t mind it because for us our Visita Iglesia was meaningful. 🙂


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