Summer in Bataan – Day 2

On our second day in Bataan, my family and I decided to hop on a boat to go the the reefs nearby. Though we have seen better reefs than the one in Bataan, we enjoyed playing with my new underwater camera hehehe 😛


That's my brother :)

That’s my brother 🙂

041213_03 041213_02

Spot the fish ;)

Spot the fish 😉


On the way to the reef, we passed by the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Too bad we weren’t able to take a tour in the facility. We got to inquire a bit too late on our first day. Since our second day in Bataan fell on a holiday, there were no employees in the Power Plant to tour us around.

So after our boat ride, we washed up and left West Nuk with smiles on our faces — happy with our inexpensive summer getaway 🙂 But before we headed back to Manila, we stopped by the Pawikan (Sea Turtle) Conservation Center not too far away from the beach resort. They have a cheap entrance fee of P20.

041213_07 041213_08 041213_10 041213_11 041213_12 041213_13 041213_15 041213_16

We were accommodated by a volunteer who oriented us with the three kinds of turtles who usually lays eggs in Morong’s shores: Olive Ridley, Green Turtle and Hawksbill Turtle. They have one adult of each specie in their care. The volunteer told us that those have abnormalities that is why they decided to keep them in captivity. They also have a representation of a turtle’s life cycle. I think the figures of the turtles are life-size and that is pretty cool 🙂

You may read my post on our first day in Bataan here 🙂


Toasted cashew, sun-roasted cashew and cashew butter :) Yummyyy!!!

Toasted cashew, sun-roasted cashew and cashew butter 🙂 Yummyyy!!!

I’ve read in a blog that one of the specialties in Bataan is cashew nuts. The blogger especially recommended buying cashew butter which is like peanut butter but they used cashews instead haha! Out of curiosity, we bought a small bottle which costs P100 (on the roadside. I think it will be cheaper in the marketplace :)). I somehow wished we bought the big bottle because it tasted so good!! For me, it’s better than peanut butter 🙂

Other places worth visiting in Bataan are:
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
This resort features old houses in the Philippines. Guests can have a tour to know of each architectural background and history.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
This place was built during Ferdinand Marcos’ presidency to generate electricity for the country. However, its operations were given a red light due to many oppositions. If you plan to visit West Nuk, you may inquire about the Power Plant tour with them 🙂


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