Sunday Special: Laing Del Monte style

Last Sunday was my mom’s turn to cook and she decided to prepare a dish wish we used to eat quite often before when I was young. It’s a recipe from Del Monte, one of the famous food brands here in the Philippines. They ensure that the recipes they create are healthy and affordable 🙂


Laing is actually a dish from Bicol comprised of basically taro leaves and coconut milk. Chili pepper is added to make it an “authentic Bikolano” dish since they are known for spicy foods 🙂
But for the Kitchenomics recipe, pechay or bok choy was used to wrap grated squash and shredded buko or young coconut meat. Then it was cooked in coconut milk and tomato sauce.

Ah, what is better than eating something you loved as a kid after a long time? It makes me remember my childhood days. Good old days 🙂


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