Sunday Special: Chicken in Salted Egg sauce

Salted eggs for a sauce?! Isn’t that very salty?? I’d say it was but the dish’s flavor wasn’t just pure saltiness; it also had a mild spiciness to it. That is what made this dish unique and tasteful 🙂 I got this recipe from the internet as I was looking for something to cook for my family last Sunday. It’s not a Filipino dish but it’s an Asian one.


I had a few alterations to the recipe though. It called for curry leaves and chili but I replaced them with curry powder and red pepper instead because I didn’t have any at hand. For the salted eggs however, I intentionally used less as it only called for yolks and they are known to be high in cholesterol. I also lessened the use of salt a little bit.


The only missing thing in my dish are colors! Haha! If only I had curry leaves and chili. LOL!  We had mango fruit shake for our drink. I’m glad my family liked the food even though it was quite unfamiliar for our taste haha 🙂


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