Road Trip: Bicol – Around Legazpi

On our fourth day in Bicol, we spent the day going to other tourist destinations in Legazpi City. Our first stop: Ligñon Hill. In this hill, you can have a good view of Legazpi City and of Mt. Mayon. It is also a park wherein various activities like zip-lining, trail climbing, etc. could be done 🙂

bicol_401 bicol_404 bicol_402 bicol_403

When we entered Ligñon Hill, we were offered their promo of a 2 to 3-hour ATV ride with a zip-line ride for only Php 1,800. My brother and I took the offer and we were off to the best activity we had! Biased opinion since I was looking forward to the ATV ride since…forever! Hahaha 😛

The ATV ride is offerd by Your Brother Travel and Tours. From Ligñon Hill, we were guided to the starting point which was in the baranggay Pawa; it’s located behind Ligñon Hill. Before starting the tour, we had an orientation and test drive of our ATVs so we’d get the hang of it. Then off we went!

bicol_405 bicolteaser_9Thanks to our guide for taking our photos! 🙂

We arrived in the base camp wherein we started our trek to the lava wall. The wall is from the 2006 eruption of the Mayon volcano; it is mainly composed of big rocks.


My brother and I at the foot of the lava wall.

My brother and I at the foot of the lava wall.

bicol_408 bicol_409

Creative shots by our tour guide. Haha!

Good thing it was a bit cloudy that day. The noontime sun didn’t burn us as we took the ATV tour haha! We were done by around 1pm and we headed to a cozy restaurant called Smalltalk Cafe. Details on that on a separate post 🙂 After our filling, late lunch, we visited other relatives before heading to Naga City where we spent the night 🙂

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