Road Trip: Bicol – Sorsogon

My family went to Sorsogon City on the 3rd day of our vacation. Initially we planned on going to the town of Donsol to see and swim with whale sharks or butanding, as it is called locally. It was quite unfortunate though that June is no longer the peak season for those creatures in the area as they travel around the Philippines in search of food. My uncle suggested that we can go to Bulusan Lake if ever we won’t get to spot a whale shark.

We left Legazpi City by about 7am to head to Donsol, Sorsogon. It was quite a long, zig-zagging drive. We passed by shops selling lamps, bags and other local goods. There were also houses that were drying out anahaw leaves. Those are made into fans which is called abaniko here in the Philippines.

bicol_303 bicol_302 bicol_301bicol_304

When we arrived Donsol, we went to their Tourist Center where arrangements for the butanding-search is made. It is here that the tourists are oriented on the butanding, the dos and don’ts when such creatures are spotted, etc. Here the boatmen and divers told us that the chance of seeing one that day was very slim but we could take a chance since no one could tell for sure if the whale sharks would show up. However, we calculated the costs and decided to just come back between Novermber to March haha! With that, we headed to Mt. Bulusan.

The drive to Bulusan was about 2hrs but those 2hrs were worth the relaxing wind and fresh air we breathed in 🙂

bicol_306 bicol_307 Mt. Bulusan lake

When it was mid-afternoon, we went to the nearby Dancalan beach. It was low tide when we got there though — the water was just up to our knees! And the beach was level for many, many meters haha! That didn’t stop us from swimming though. We even enjoyed the fact that we didn’t need snorkels to see the fishes living in the rocks.

bicol_310 bicol_311 bicol_314 bicol_313bicolteaser_7

By about 5pm, we headed back to Legazpi — only stopping to have take a picture in a church and to buy cheap goodies 🙂


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