Sunday Special: 4-course Meal

Last June 23, our family’s Sunday Special resumed with our dad as the “chef” and wow! He prepared a feast for us! Haha! We had a 4-course dinner! 🙂


To start, we had pumpkin soup. It was smooth and very tasty. Not being biased since my dad was the one who cooked but this soup was one of the best!

071613_4course02 071613_4course03

Then we had vegetable & apple salad in vinaigrette dressing. For our main course, Papa prepared Roast beef in Korean barbecue sauce. I thought it would be spicy (haha) but it wasn’t and it was really good!!

071613_4course04 071613_4course05

For dessert, we had ice cream sandwich with honey-cinnamon frosting 🙂 surely, our tummies were happily filled from all those dishes my dad prepared. We also felt the pressure of preparing something that grand whe our turn comes! Hahaha

P.S. the frosting came from the cupcakes I made the day before. I’ll blog about it in a few days!


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