Sunday Special: Pasta in Coconut Milk

Last June 30, it was my mom’s turn to cook for us and she made this unique dish: pasta in coconut milk. I was pretty excited to taste this since I never thought of coconut milk being the pasta sauce. I just don’t know where my mom got the recipe but this dish is really worth a try! 🙂


Honestly, I forgot that there was coconut milk in there. It somehow tasted like carbonara but with a tiny-itty bit of different flavor. Haha! I dunno how to describe it but it was REALLY good! Hahaha 😛 For dessert, my mom fried slices of saba or cardava banana and drizzled coconut jam over it. Simple but yummy!



And with that we closed the Sunday Specials for the month of June looking forward to what each of us will cook for the next month haha 🙂


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