Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
Time passes by,
Barely noticed by man.

The mind is clouded
by many thoughts.
The heart is surrounded
by nursed pains.

Time is scarce for the engrossed mind
Cramming before the day closes.
Time is abundant for the hurting heart
Slowly mending what has been broken.

But for the waiting…
Time is abundant for its anticipating mind.
Time is scarce as the heart could grow weary.
Time… may actually take forever.



Written two years ago inspired by my friend’s “tragic” story.

He did not see it coming.
No one did.
It shook his world
‘Til fragments fell one by one.

Not knowing where to turn
He struggled to live.
Vivid flashbacks haunt him
Of his once happy world.

A world filled with laughter.
A world filled with hope.
A world that seemed perfect.
A world now broken.

Getting By

I wrote this more than two years ago and it’s dedicated to my wonderful friends who always makes my (super) stressful days less stressful 🙂

Today, I woke up
Looking forward to a great day
But events aren’t always kind
They sometimes bring me down

Today, I wore a frown
Cause of all the unwished for happenings

Today, I saw you
We exchanged stories and jokes
Little did I know
My worries disappeared one by one

Today, I wore a smile
Cause of the happiness you shared

Tomorrow, I will wake up
With a smile on my face
Because I know that, maybe thanks (again) to you,
I’m getting by