Sunday Special: Hawaiian pork burger

It was Sunday again yesterday and that only meant one thing: it’s time for our family’s special dinner! I was excited since it was my turn to cook and I’ve been wanting to try out the technique I read in making the perfect potato chips. Obviously the chips won’t do for a full meal (haha) so I decided to cook a Hawaiian pork burger to pair it up with 🙂

Hawaiian pork burger

I got the recipe for the burger here. I must say that I really enjoyed this home-made burger — its flavors were just right. And it’s also my first time to make a patty without adding flour or egg to help retain the “patty shape”. Writing this post is making me crave for another burger!! Hahahaha

potato chips

Sorry if the quality of the photo is not that nice. I just took them using my phone 🙂

As for the potato chips, I actually saw the article from Yahoo News and I knew I just had to read it. Haha! I love potatoes! Be it French fries, mojos, mashed potatoes or potato chips. But I’ve never done potato chips that were like Lays or Pringles (LOL) so this was something new and exciting for me!

My family loved it!! I’m so happy 😀 Can’t wait to cook for them again teehee 🙂 though I’m still pretty clueless what I’d like to cook.. I just want it something that we don’t eat everyday but is doable by an amateur cook like me hahaha! Any suggestions? 🙂


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